As you can see Guardian is working across the board on Brangus cows as well as siring Ultra-blacks.  Ultra-black bulls which are mates to these heifers have averaged $5600.00 in Genetrust sales.  The high selling Ultra-Black sold for $7000.00 to Troy Lemay in Kansas.  This set of open heifers and several show heifer prospects will be selling November 2nd at the Genetrust sale at Chimney Rock.  Please let us know if we can answer any questions on this great set of heifers.

Three black heifers - Johnston






We purchased 541P103 from Camp Cooley ranch and after flushing her here at Johnston Brangus we chose to sell her while still in the prime of her life. However we retained some outstanding daughters out of her. Some of those daughters remain in our cowherd and we have offered a few of them for sale.

WAT Ms Csonka 541W7

Csonka x Ms Brinks Gd Fortune 541P103 | BW: 4.7 WW: 36 YW: 69 Milk: 16 TM: 34 SC: 1.2 REA: 0.39 IMF: 0.25 Fat: 0 | Now owned by Double W Ranch

WAT Ms Alydar 541W3

Alydar x Ms Brinks Gd Fortune 541P103 | BW: -2.5 WW: 8 YW: 24 Milk: 10 TM: 14 SC: 1.1 REA: -0.03 IMF: -0.05 Fat: 0.001 | Now owned by Cross N Farm

WAT Ms Alydar 541W2

Alydar x Ms Brinks Gd Fortune 541P103 | BW: 0.5 WW: 14 YW: 35 Milk: 10 TM: 17 SC: 1.1 REA: 0.04 IMF: -0.04 Fat: 0.017 | Now owned by Garry Clem and Michael Bennett

We also have had the pleasure to own several other outstanding Brangus females. Among them are:

Ms JAK Lead Time 302N2
Lead Time x Ms Brinks Geronimo 302H6
BW: 3 WW: 16 YW: 41 Milk: 7 TM: 15 SC: 0.4 REA: 0.19 IMF: -0.021 Fat: -0.01

Miss HD 314 263J2
CCR Update 314C x Miss HD Path 263Z
BW: 0.1 WW: 15 YW: 31 Milk: 18 TM: 25 SC: 0.1 REA: 0.27 IMF: 0.02 Fat: 0.013

The base of our cowherd stems from lines that include all three of these famous females. We are looking forward to calves on the ground out of daughters of these females. We feel that they truly offer the next generation in great Brangus cattle.

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